Changing of the Guard at Global Imaging Systems: A Conversation with Dan Cooper

Changing of the Guard at Global Imaging Systems: A Conversation with Dan Cooper

Last month, Global Imaging Systems (GIS), a Xerox Company, revealed its leadership change for the future, with Dan Cooper taking the helm to replace Tom Salierno, who is retiring as CEO in April. He will report to Mike Feldman, president of North America Operations at Xerox.

Cooper has been with GIS for the better part of 20 years. In 2001, he assumed the role of president at Electronic Systems Inc. (ESI), a Virginia-based IT solutions provider, and helped grow it into one of the largest core companies within the GIS portfolio. Starting in 2005, he began to take on additional duties within GIS, including field operations in 2016.

Cooper sat down with ENX Magazine to provide some background regarding his success with ESI and discuss his vision for the future of GIS and its platform of continued expansion and growth.

Tell us about your career leading up to Global Imaging Systems

Cooper: My career in this industry began in 1988 as a facsimile sales rep for a Canon dealer in Virginia Beach, VA. After a successful five years I transitioned to selling copiers, and then went on to various leadership and management roles within the company. In 1991, the company I was working for was acquired by Danka, where I took on additional responsibilities.

During my tenure at Danka, I split time between both field roles managing operations in the mid-Atlantic region as well as roles at the headquarters. The results I delivered at Danka allowed me to earn a tremendous amount of responsibility in the early stages of my career, which provided business experiences that proved to very valuable to me over the years.

In 1999, I joined a company called Electronic Systems Inc. (ESI), which was and still is one of the most innovative companies in our industry. Based upon his early visions of the connected office, ESI founder Bill Kamarek, had already begun a successful computer VAR and BTA-type copier company inside the same business. The experience that I gained during my tenure at ESI prepared me for the ascending roles I have held within Global Imaging Systems (GIS) over the last 10 years supporting the Global companies. In addition to the experience gained on the route to my current role, I have had the opportunity to observe, engage and participate in many of the decisions made by former GIS CEOs (Tom Johnson, Michael Shea and Tom Salierno) that further enhanced my go-forward approach.

As president of Electronic Systems Inc., your guidance helped the company become one of the biggest in the GIS portfolio. What were some of the keys to ESI’s growth?

Cooper: As I look back at the growth and business expansion that ESI has realized over the past 20 years, I would say that its success has been and continues to be its ability to achieve and maintain a high level of effectiveness in:

Sourcing, developing and retaining high-value employees;
creating, implementing and evolving a strategic business plan that is focused on revenue, profit and market share growth; and
having the management acumen and discipline to effectively implement the plan while having the courage necessary to make timely modifications when needed.

How do you view this opportunity to guide the GIS network?

Cooper: I am truly honored to have the opportunity to lead this great company as president. GIS has a long and well-established track record of success, an outstanding corps of highly talented employees, and access to an incredible portfolio of products and leading-edge technologies that are provided by our parent company. These key attributes are continually fueled, refined and supported by a long-standing and well-established company culture that holds dear its strong entrepreneurial roots.

Where do you see GIS’ best opportunities for growth within the SMB space?

Cooper: I am extremely bullish on our company’s growth and expansion opportunities. In addition to the key success attributes that I previously articulated, we are entering a cycle where we’ve just introduced an exciting new product and technology platform, all signs point to economic acceleration and business expansion, and as a company, we are well positioned to capitalize on these dynamics.

What are your goals for GIS in its first year under your guidance?

Cooper: My goals for GIS in my first year are clear-cut: To achieve our 2018 business plan; continue to develop, retain and refine the business skills of our very talented employees; continue to acquire “blue-chip” independent dealers that allow us to expand our market reach and enrich our company’s entrepreneurial culture; and create a “pursuit angle” on the vision I am crafting for our company over the next five years.


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